Sumersible Transformers

These transformers are available in capacities of up to 3000 KVA for three-phase transformers and up to 500 KVA for single-phase transformers. High voltage rating through 34,5 GrdY/19.92 KV and 150 KV BIL.
These are equipments designed to operate in a chamber or vault under ground level and subject to maximum possible flooding during 24 hours under a water column of 40 cm above the top of the transformer.

They have elements of a substation to protect the equipment:

  • Failures in the secondary network and external overload by fuses bayonet type removable interchangeable.
  • Failures primary overvoltage surge through elbow type.
  • In addition, the transformer protects the primary network of high current faults in the windings by limiting fuses or backup link isolation.

These transformers can be supplied with one of the following configurations:

  • Radial configuration: End of medium voltage circuit, with load switch open-closed.
  • Mesh-like configuration (To continue the medium voltage circuit) with 4-position switch.

These transformers are manufactured in accordance to: ANSI C-57.12.23, ANSI C-57.12.24, NTC 4406 and RETIE standards.

transformador ocasionalmente sumergible 1

transformador ocasionalmente sumergible

Note: These dimensions are approximate. When buying a transformer, please ask for the real dimensions, as they may vary.

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