Junction Enclosures

Switching equipment dead-front, isolated on oil and shaped by elastomeric connectors of high tension and disconnectors whose function is to allow operability of different load circuits in power systems of medium voltage.

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Conventional and submersible junction enclosures manufactured in accordance to ANSI C-57.12.25, ANSI C-57.12.26, ANSI C-57.12.28, ANSI C-57.12.29, NTC 5110 and RETIE standards.
It can be used for single-phase or three-phase applications, with 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 junction points. Current capacity of 200 and/or 600 A, voltage ratings of up to 34,5 GrdY/19,92 KV and 150 KV BIL.


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