Medium Voltage Dry Transformers

Air-cooled three-phase transformers, manufactured from 75KVA to 630 KVA with standard voltage up to 15KV. Its active part is designed with windings of copper or high-purity aluminum and core stacking silicon steel grain oriented low loss, allowing withstand the high temperature levels to which is exposed the transformer when it is connected to a load. They have self-extinguishing high temperature insulation (Class H-180 ° C) to reduce the risk of fire in case of external events, short circuit or overvoltage.

transformadores secos media tension

These transformers are useful for raising or lowering voltage levels, in residential, commercial or industrial applications.

Rymel dry transformers offer optimum efficiency, low losses level, and minimum noise levels.

Advantages and Applications:

  • Due to its low weight (compared to one in oil) allow to be located inside buildings in elevated floors.
  • Because the kind of isolates (Self-extinguishing) while obviating building fire-proof rooms.
  • Due to its construction permit cheaper and easier maintenance (compared to one in oil).
  • They have no tank, because they are located in a substation cabinets.
  • Used in places where we want to minimize the environmental impact caused by insulating liquids.


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