Current Transformers

Window and bar type current transformers:
Window and bar type CT´s for indoor and outdoor use, with capacities ranging from 2.5VA through 15VA; precision classes ranging from 0.2 s through 1.0 and current ratings ranging from 50/5 through 4000/5.
Meet the IEC 60/85, IEC 60044-1 and NTC 2205.
   STANDARD: IEC60/85IEC61869-2 NTC2205
  Service Voltage 120/208;480/277
Voltage ratings: [V]600
Class (%):: 1,0.5,0.5s, 0.2,0.2s
Installation: Indoor or outdoor
Number of cores
Load (VA): 2.5,5,10
Primary Current (Window type) (A)


1200,1500,2000,2500, 3000,4000

Primary Current (Bar type) (A) 100,150,200,300,400,500,800
Secundary Current (A)
Thermal Current (lth) (A)
80 In
Dynamic Current (ld) (A)
Security Factor:
Voltage at 60 Hz 1 minute:
Insulation: Thermal class type 65
Type-Model (Window Type) TCIV (Indoor use); TCEV (Outdoor use)
Type-Model (Bar-Type) TCIB (Indoor use); TCEB (Outdoor use)

Protection Transformer:

Transformers are similar to conventional current transformers manufacturing. We manufacture equipment class 5P and 10P with powers from 2.5 onwards and VA transformer ratios from 200/5 to 4000/5.

transformador de proteccion


Voltage Transformer:

They are transformers having windings of primary power and one or more secondary windings; the power of this equipment specified in (VA). They are generally low power equipment for applications in control or variable voltage sources among others.

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